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foot Horn Society that what we are telling Is the

Of all my boyhood life, I remember only one
instance when any of us youngsters was doubted
enough to be called upon to 'swear before the
Horn'. That was when one of two pet coyotes
which had taken up with our dogs and become
pets In our camps was killed by somebody. One
of our playmates, a boy named Star Wolf, was
blamed with the killing of this coyote. He
claimed innocence,, and his father asked him to
'swear before the Horn5.

The Horn Society has a limited membership of
twenty-five of the most upstanding men and out-
standing warriors In the tribe. These men are
members for life and no one can be admitted until
one of them dies. It Is said that this society
strongly resembles the Masonic Order of the white
man; and being limited to a life-membership of
only twenty-five honourable men, its secrets are
more strongly guarded than any other society
known to the Indian.

On the occasion when young Star Wolf was
called upon to swear before the Horns., all of us
youngsters were admitted to witness the Incident.
The twenty-five Horns were all seated In a circle,
dressed in their ceremonial regalia and guarded by
armed braves.

Star Wolf was led to the centre of the lodge,